Emma Caney

I am an Illustrator who lives in London and recently graduated from University!!

I am a recent Advertising and Digital Marketing graduate from the University of Greenwich. Since finishing university at possibly the worst time ever (COVID-19), I have been furloughed, moved back to Bristol from London, and finished my final exams and dissertation from the comfort of my bed, I realised I needed a new hobby to fill my time. This is where DesignedByCaney was born. I started doing artwork for my friends and family for fun and it quickly progressed into a popular Instagram account and was fully booked for weeks with custom pictures!  

Here on this website, you can browse through all the recent artwork and projects I have done/ worked on, order any work, and personalised artwork through my Instagram!

If you have a business idea and need any graphics or marketing, please feel free to contact me further and I will email you back within 24 hours. 

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