@designedbycaney Illustrations

In May 2020, I started to create personalised illustrations for my friends and family and posted them on my private Instagram. Very quickly my friends and family suggested I start an Instagram account to showcase all my work and it was where 'designedbycaney' was born. My Instagram grew to over 300 followers and was fully booked with personalised art designs for weeks. Originally I asked for customers to donate to their chosen charity in return for an illustration and as that grew rapidly, I began to charge for my artwork. I volunteered to create design work for various small independent businesses which quickly grew to having 3 other businesses asking for my work and guidance. I decided to create a website, where customers and future job prospectors are able to look at my artwork. Please see below some examples of my illustrations and click here to see my commissioned work for small businesses.

 designedbycaney | Emma Caney | Portfolio | ejcaney10@gmail.com